In 2016 I was elected to represent the 65th Assembly District on the OC GOP Central Committee. The Committee formulates policies, votes on resolutions and can endorse candidates.

You can visit our website here at

We meet every 3rd Monday at 7:00p, with meetings typically lasting 2-3 hours.

Agendas are sent out four days prior.  

Meeting locations rotate:
GOP Headquarters: 1422 Edinger, Tustin
Hotel Irvine: 17900 Jamboree, Irvine
Ayres Hotel: 325 Bristol, Costa Mesa

In a recent meeting, I voted for endorsing Diane Harkey for her 49th Congressional seat race. I voted to remain neutral in the 4th Supervisorial race, while the Committee as a whole supported Tim Shaw. I strongly support
Shawn Nelson for the 39th Congressional seat, though the Central Committee has taken no formal position, with two other Republicans in the race.

In the 29th State Senate District, Incumbent Josh Newman is up for recall in June. In a separate vote on the same ballot, voters can choose between former Assemblywoman Ling Ling Change and Fullerton Councilman Bruce Whitaker as Newman’s successor, if the recall passes. The Central Committee endorsed Chang, while I personally support Bruce.

In endorsing candidates for any office, I look at three broad principles:

Personal Freedom: Adults should be free to engage in any political, religious or personal consensual activities free from government coercion of surveillance. Specifically, the War on Drugs has become a War on People, with social consequences far worse than the drugs themselves. Congress should remove cannabis as a Schedule I drug, and defer to local and state regulation.

Economic Freedom: The right to control one’s property and labor is an extension of human rights. All voluntary buyer-seller transactions benefit the economy. Land use regulations should protect the public from specific and real threats, not micromanage economic activity.

Pro-American Foreign Policy: Our military should protect us from foreign invasions and threats, but those threats cannot be expanded so broadly as to involve us in open-ended foreign civil wars. The $3 trillion Iraq invasion was the worst mistake in US foreign policy history, and further military involvement in the Middle East will only make it worse.
Most conflicts within foreign countries are not subject to military solutions, least of all by the US military. Leave Afghanistan to its own people.
Free and open trade with all countries benefits American consumers, farmers and manufacturers. End all tariffs, trade wars and sanctions. American should have no permanent allies or enemies, only permanent values and interests.