La Palma City officials at sign dedication

With partner Kai Giffin & my son Johnny at dedication

Since leaving the State Legislature in 2013, I’ve worked in
government affairs for Independent Processing Services, a Fullerton-based
consulting firm headed by my old friend Kai Giffin.

Lavish redevelopment agency subsidies in the 1980s-90s led to a retail building
boom as cities competed for sales tax revenues. With the end on the public
subsidies and rise of internet sales, many retail centers, auto dealers now lie empty.
Retail is now overbuilt and underused, while housing supply lags far behind the
demand. Local zoning should reflect current market realities, not calcify past uses.
I help facilitate the reuse of these obsolete land uses into market-rate housing,
working with land owners, developers and city officials. New housing does not
produce sales taxes, but neither do empty shopping centers. New housing does pay
hefty school and park fees, as well as higher property taxes upon higher

One project nearing completion is Willow Ridge, a 17-unit detached development
in a long-established North Fullerton neighborhood (Laurel & Lark Ellen Aves.).
Our client—Watt Communities—took 4 years getting the necessary approvals, and
the units are now nearly all sold out, in the $850-$900k range.

Sign at 91 Fwy. & Orangethorpe, La Palma


We at IPS also successfully negotiated with the City of La Palma the building of two digital billboards along the Artesia (91) Freeway. We worked with City officials and Foster Interstate Media, who will own and operate them for 25 years, when ownership reverts to the City of La Palma.

In the meantime, La Palma receives annual revenue generated from advertising, as well as the use of the signs for community events and public safety alerts. alerts. The formal lighting of both signs was made at a March 8 ceremony.

La Palma City officials at sign dedication

Sign at 91 Fwy & Merlin Cir., La Palma