My 28 years in the State Legislature, OC Board of Supervisors and Fullerton City Council were rewarding ones. My greatest achievement was a decisive vote in 2011 for the abolishing of the state redevelopment agencies. Much of my public life I’d fought eminent domain abuses and for a more reform of local government finance.

While still serving on the OC GOP Central Committee, I now have time for new business and personal pursuits. As a land use consultant, I’m helping cities reuse empty urban spaces. My new book, The Hippy Trail explores life on the road in the 1970s. My website Fatherhoodafter50 shares the joys and challenges of being a senior Dad—I’m 68 and my son Johnny’s still only six.

Most of my life may be behind me, but I’m grateful for each day and the promise of ever happier tomorrows.